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Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Vol. 9, Issue 3, JUL – SEP  2015


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Compatibility with Environmental Changes

Kamran Aziz

Original Articles


Outcome of Austin Moor vs Bipolar Hemiarthoplasty in elderly patients in terms of Harris Hip Score

Mian Muhammad Azhar



The Anomalous Origin and Course of Coronaries in Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)

Syed Najam Hyder, Asim Khan, Ali Hasan, Noormah Mehmood



Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Outcome: Our Experience

Usman Ismat Butt, Allah Nawaz, Rashid Mansoor Arshad, A Wadood, M Ayyaz, T Fatima, A Chughtai



Anthropometric Parameters of Central Obesity in Non Diabetic Offspring of Type 2 Diabetics and Non Diabetic Offspring of Non Diabetics

Uzma Zafar, Anser Asrar, Bushra Gohar



Ghrelin Levels are Negatively Correlated with Waist Circumference in Obese Children/Adolescents

Fauzia Sadiq, Sarwar Bhatti



Deranged Levels of Renal Parameters after using metal Kushta of Copper in diet of Albino Rats

Hira Kareem, Nadia Naseem, A H Nagi, Romman Ul Haq



Diagnostic Accuracy of Bronchial Washings in Smear Negative Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Waseem Iqbal, Ayub Latif Khawaja, Abdul Rehman Khan, Umar Farooq Dar, Ujala Nayyer, M Nasir



Mitral and Aortic Valve Calcification in End Stage Renal Disease Patients

Fahar Adnan, Ayub Latif Khawaja, Azizullah, Muhammad Nasir, Ujala Nayyer, Umar Farooq Dar



Laparoscopy-Induced Shoulder Pain after Chole.; May Pulmonary Recruitment Manoeuver Help?

Habibullah Ishaqui, Shabab Hussain, Muhammad Tanvir Iqbal, Muhammad Nasir, Umar Farooq Dar



Knowledge and Practices of GPs regarding Management and Prevention of Dengue Fever

Sajjad Ul Hasan, Waseem Iqbal, Abdul Rehman Khan, Umar Farooq Dar, Ujala Nayyer, M Nasir



Atrioventricular Blocks in Patients of Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Umar Farooq Dar, Fahar Adnan, Azizullah, Muhammad Nasir, Ujala Nayyer



Uterine Length and Ovarian Volume in Healthy girls of 1-13 years of age

Hafiza Saima Naseem, Azhar Mahmood Javed, Irum Aslam, Maria Zahoor, Sadia Sadiq



Alcohol Consumption Trends in Various Social Strata

Farah Hanif, Shaukat Ali, Pervaiz Zarif



Frequency of Low Zinc Levels in Cirrhotic patients with Hepatic Encephalopathy

Abdul Waheed, Sabeen Farhan, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Tariq Suleman



Frequency of Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke and Comparison of Low Density Lipoprotein Levels

M Sajid Jehangir, Imran M Khan, Dur Muhammad Khan, Ch. Adnan A Ather, B Mahmood, M. M Jehangir



Diverting Loop Colostomy in Children with Skin and Muscle Bridge - Our technique

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Tahir Mahmood, Yasir Maki, Saad Zulfiqar, Shumaila Irum



To Compare the Outcome of Lobectomy and Isthmusectomy with and without Drain in Thyroid Surgery

Ameer Afzal, Rana Suhail Ahmad, Syed Asghar Ali Naqi



Knowledge and Awareness of Ebola Virus Disease among Medical Students
Rabiah Mahwish, Amna Khan, Mahnoor Fatima, Maryum Ashfaq, Hassan Waqar Ch, Misbah Zafar



Histological Changes in Developing Lungs of Albino Mouse on Treatment with Retinoic Acid

Uzma Naseer, Mohammad Tahir



The use of Brain CT Scan in the Assessment of Coup and Counter Coup injuries of the head

Lal Shahbaz,  Arif Uz Zaman, Reeta Rani, Saqib Basr, Ahmed Ali



Use of Low Dose Danazol in Luteal Phase Only as Management of PMS and Mastalgia

Shaila Anwar, Nabeelashami, Shaheena Asif



Effects of Tribulus Terrestris on Sertoli Cells of Prepubertal Albino Rats

Aruna Bashir, M. Tahir, Muhammad Habib ur Rehman



Thalassemia Major Impact on patients’ Families in Northern Punjab, Pakistan

M. Mustafa Siddiqui, Faiz Ur Rehman, Imran Nazir, M. Mohsin Khan,.Sadia Zafar, Z A Ch, Irfan Qadir



Evaluation of Allergic Fungal Sinusitis Occurrence in Patients with Nasal Polyps

Abdur Rehman, Faisal Rafiq, Athar Adnan Uppal



Comparison of outcome of Open excision with Secondary Healing versus Rhomboid Excision with Limberg Transposition Flap in the Management of Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Disease

Nasir Naseem, Khalid Masood Alam, Muhammad Zafar Mengal, Farah Zubair, Bushra Zubair



To Identify the Use of Computed Tomography Scan, as a Valid Tool for Diagnosis of Mechanical Gut Obstruction at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

Shua Nasir, Lal Shehbaz, Saqib Basar



Late Clinical Manifestations of Foreign Body Nose in Children

Ghazi Mahmood, Muhammad Sadiq, Athar Adnan Uppal



Family History is an early Predictor of Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension in adults

Lubna Amer, Rukhsana Kausar, Rakhshan Khurshid



Study of ABO and Rh-D Blood Groups among the Common people of Multan City

Faiz Ur Rehman, Mohammad Mustafa Siddiqui, Imran Nazir, M Mohsin Khan, S Zafar, Z A Ch, I Qadir



Gender Variation of Dactylography among the patients of Diabetes Mellitus

Yaser Ameer, Zulfiqar Ali Buzdar, Muhammad Anwar Sibtain Fazli, Mudaser Hussain Abbasi



Spectrum of Firearm injuries in district Quetta

Abdul Ghani Korai, Shoukat Ali Khan, Pervez Iqbal, Farhan Ul Amin Mengal, Ahmed Tariq



Epidemiology of Scabies among Primary School Children in Quetta

Malik Muhammad Qasim



Prevalence of Anemia and its Main Determinants among Primigravidae in Antenatal Population

Rakhshanda Toheed, Talha Bin Ayub, Hafiza Sidra Ali, Saba Mumtaz, Asif Haneef



Occupational Contact Dermatitis among workers of Small Shoe Making Factories

Shahnaz Rauf, Mariam Ashraf, Abdul Samad, Samina, Abdul Rahman, Rana Muhammad Akhtar Khan



Medulloblastomas, Presentation at tertiary care hospital

Mohammad Waseem Khan, Safdar H. Malik, Muhammad Sadiq, Shahid Mahmood, Hammad N Rana



Laparoscopic Subtotal Cholecystectomy in Difficult Cholecystitis - our experience

Liaqat Ali, Tahir Bashir, Shahzad Bashir



Near Miss Events Frequency and Most Common Causes

Amna Shahid, Sadia Rizwan, Nuzhat Khawaja



An Experience of Limberg Flap for Pilonidal Sinus

Liaqat Ali, Tahir Bashir, Salman Majeed Chaudhry



Frequency of Hyperglycemia in Non-Diabetics Presenting with Acute Stroke

Muhammad Fayyaz, Abdul Rasheed, Sidra Saba, Muhammad Saleh Hassan, Zunaira Hussain



Comparison of Postoperative Asymptomatic Hypocalcaemia in total vs Subtotal Thyroidectomy

Karim Shah Faizi, Abdur Rahim, Asghar Ali



Comparison of Success Rate of External Dacryocystorhinostomy with and without Mitomycin-C in patients of Chronic Dacryo-cystitis

Rehan Moinuddin Shaikh, Manal Taha Hadrawi, Enam Y Danish



Comparison between Bromocriptine and Bromocriptine with Clomiphene Citrate in Term of Efficacy for the Treatment of Hyperprolactinaemic Infertility

Humaira Shaheen, Mushtaq Ahmed, Noor Ul Huda Ansari



Frequency of Mode and Grade of Retroperitoneal Organ Injuries following Blunt Abd. Trauma

Asghar Ali, Abdur Rahim, M. Shahid Rafiq



Pattern of pediatric eye diseases at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah

Enam Y Danish, Rehan Moinuddin Shaikh, Manal Taha Hadrawi



Hemaccel as a Cheaper Alternative to Human Albumin for Plasma Expansion during Paracentesis
Muti Ullah Khan, Ikram Ur Rahim, Muhammad Latif



Comparison of Operative/Postop Complications of Plastibell with open technique in circumcision

Khalid Mahmood, Khumair Asif, Munir Imran



Complications of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy at surgical unit II Shalamar Hospital Lahore

Khalid Javed Abid, Rizwan Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Nawaz Amin, M Tahir Saleem, Mehreen Fatima



Positive Predictive Value of X-Ray PNS 450 in Ch. Maxillary Sinusitis Taking Antral Washout as GS

Arshadullah Afridi, Abdur Rehman, Faisal Rafiq



Comparison between Mass Closure and Layered Closure in Major Abdominal Laparotomies

M Amjad Khan, Naz Akhtar, Majeed Ullah Buzdar



Pre-Labour Rupture of the Membranes at Term with Unfavourable Cervix

Fouzia Gul Farhan, Sadia Nazir, Farida Kakar



Association of First Urinary Tract Infection in Children with Urinary Tract Abnormalities

Habibullah Ishaqui, Syed Liaquat Ali Khan, Fazal Mohammad



Outcome of Posterior Urethral Valves in Public Sector Hospital: Challenges in Management

Asif Abbasm, Muhammad Kashif, Naveed Anwar, Mukhtar Hussain, Muhammad Aslam, Sajid Rasheed



Comparative Study of Recurrent Nasal Polyps in various treatment modalities

Athar Adnan Uppal, Ghazi Mahmood, Abdur Rehman



Comparison between Effect of Bupivacaine and Bupivacaine With Dexamethasone on Duration of Analgesia in Spinal Anaesthesia for Elective Caesarean Section

Muhammad Aatir Fayyaz, Ali Ammar Khan, Rao Liaqat Ali



Frequency of Malignancy in Solitary Thyroid Nodule

Naz Akhtar. Majeed Ullah Buzdar, M Amjad khan



Difference in Plaque Removal from Buccal & Lingual Surfaces of Teeth by Manual Brushing

M. Pervaiz Iqbal, M. Ismail Siddiqui, Lubna Kausar, M. Javed Iqbal



Prophylactic Antibiotics for Tonsillectomy

Sherbaz Hussain Khosa, Shakil Ahmad, Ejaz Rahi



Blood Safety and Donation Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) among 1st Year Medical Students

Humayun Mirza, Fatima Khan, Faiqa Jabeen Naeem, Bilal Ashraf



Fetomaternal Outcome Following Diagnosis of Oligohydramnios at Term

Sadia Bashir, Arif Siddiq, Tanvir Jahan



Primary Repair Versus Ileostomy In a Single Typhoid Perforation of Ileum

Ahmad Raza Nsar, Tahir Hamid, Muhammad Rizwan Saleem, Mansab Ali



Use of Harmonic shear vs Titanium clips in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Experience in Nawaz Sharif Social Security Teaching Hospital Lahore

Safdar Hussain Baloch, Sikander Afzal, Tahir Hamid



Frequency of Dermatitis Medicamentosa in patients of Eczema

Lubna Islam, Muhammad Nadeem, Waheed Ahmad*, Atif Hasnain Kazmi



Frequency of Vaccinated Children among Measles Cases coming to a tertiary care hospital

Ahmad Nayyar, Gul Mian Sarfraz



Operative Management in Liver Trauma

Husnain Haider, Yaseen Rafi, Muhammed Qasim Butt



Efficacy of Intra Articular Hyaluronic Acid versus Arthroscopic Debridement in Terms of Improvement in Pain Score in Kellgran -Lawrence Grading II & III  Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint

Kamran Saeed, Sajjad A Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed



Women Diagnosed with Endometriosis Possess High Body Mass Index Compared to Controls

Sadia Nazir, Khalid P Lone, Gulfam Ahmad



The Benefits of Steroids Therapy in Surgical Extraction of Mandibular Third Molar

Mirza Abdul Rauf



Association and Risk of Autism in Relation to Parental Age (40 Years)

Aniqa Haider, Lubna Riaz, Tasleem Jehan, Sohail Shehzad



Conversion Disorder: A Comparison of Rural Versus Urban Population

Shehriyar Zafar, Altaf Qadir Khan, Ayesha Rashid



Role of Magnesium Sulphate in Patients Presenting with Tetanus

Javed Iqbal, Muhammad Abdal, Muhammad Irfan Anwar



Frequency of Disturbed LH to FSH Ratio In Teenage Girls with Primary Amenorrhea

Jovariah Aziz, Quddsia Tanveer, Nagina Bibi



Serum Prolactin Levels in Patients of Major Depressive Episode with Dissociative Symptoms

Omer Jalal, Salim Jehangir, Najam Akhtar



Comparison of Outcome of Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA Classic) and I-Gel Devices in Patients Undergoing General Anaesthesia in Elective Surgeries

Shahid Rasool Dar, Riaz Hussain, Tahir Nazeer, Amna Tahir



Maternal and Socioeconomic Risk Factors for Protein Energy Malnutrition Under 5 Years

Rizwan Asad, Aniqa Haider, Neelam Arshad, Sohail Shehzad



Root and Canal Morphology of Human Primary Molars in a Local Population of Southern Punjab:

Sher Muhammad, Rehman Shahid, Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui



Client Satisfaction Regarding Family Planning Services in Reproductive Center at Jinnah Hospital

Farah Rehman, Abdul Rehman Janjua, Humera Shahzad



Effects of Garlic (Allium Sativum) on the Weights of Liver in Albino Rats

Asma Siddique, Javaid Iqbal, Muhammad Ali Sheikh



Prospective Randomized Study for Pain outcome after Modified Kugel Mesh vs Lichtenstein Repair

M. Azeem, Zia Ullha, Saif Ullha Goraya



Haemoglobin Electrophoresis Pattern in Normal Siblings and Beta Thalassemia Trait Siblings of Beta Thalassemia Major Patients

Nasir Rashid, Muhammad Jawad Anwar, Rabiya Jamil*, Zahid Ibrahim, Muhammad Farooq



Hepatic Profile in the Patients receiving hepatitis treatment

Syed Muhammad Ahsan Raza, Fakhar-un-Nisa, J. Rakhshanda



Outcome of patients Undergoing Lap. Chole. with Previous Upper and Lower Abdominal Surgery

Hina Bukhari, Imran Aslam, Khalid Masood Gondal



Surgical Audit of patients operated in ENT Mayo Hospital Lahore over a period of one year

Mohibullah Mushwani, Muhammad Naeem, Shafia Sheikh, A Ibrahim, A Mustafa, H Faitma, M A Khan



Frequency of Low Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis in Children with β Thalassemia Major

Fouzia Ishaq ,Asma Anwar, Mazher Iqbal



Complications in Patients of Acute/Chronic Renal Failure during Haemodialysis

Nazir Ahmad, Kashif Sardar, Mohammad Humayun



Responsible Factors for Fistula Failure in End Stage Renal Disease

Syed Liaquat Ali Khan, Habibullah Ishaqui, Fazal Mohammad Mandokhail



Early Versus Late Clamping of the Umbilical Cord in Full-term Neonates

Kaleem Akhter Malhi, Farida Kaka, Mushtaq Jaffar



Surgical Outcome of Meningioma of Brain Tumours

Sayed Shah, Lal Rehman, Nazir Ahmed, Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry



Demographic and Clinical Profile of Patients with Complicated Unsafe Abortion

Aalia Tayyba, Gul-e-Raana



Endometriosis: Frequency and Correlation between Symptomatology and Disease Stage

Aalia Tayyba, Gul-e-Raana



Clinical and Haematological Characteristics of Haemoglobin H Disease

Asma Rehman, Suhaib Ahmed, Muhammad Usman

Case Reports


A Case of Anti-MuSK Positive Myasthenia Gravis

Kah Chuan Lim, Chiou Perng Lee, Fan Kee Hoo, Wan Aliaa Wan Sulaiman, Hamidon Basri



A Rare Case of Childhood Arteritis

Faiza Farooq, Farooq Azam



Referral from a Teaching Hospital to Another

Sajid Iqbal Sheikh, Maroof Aziz Khan, Shahzad Omer Farooq

Original Articles


Determination of Frequency of Stroke Patients with Delayed Hospital Presentation and Causative Factors

Rashid Imran, Ayesha Aslam, Ahsan Nauman



Role of Zinc Supplementation in Treatment of Pneumonia

Muhammad Rashid Ayub, Nabeela Rashid, Naveed Akbar, Maria