Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Vol. 7, Issue 1, JAN MAR, 2013




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Planning Health Profession

Kamran Aziz

Letter to the Editor


Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR TB) in Pakistan: Where do we stand

Afreenish Hassan

Original Articles


Association between Bacteriospermia and Abnormal Semen Characteristics

Louis Alekwe, Aiguobarueghian Ihasuyi Osamudiamen, Lewis Ogbevire Aberare



Types and Outcome of Cardiac Tachyarrhythmias A Single Cardiology Centre Experience

Zulfiqar Ali, Adnan Hussain Shahid,, Shahid Mahmood, Sohail Tufail, Hammad Rana, Abdul Basit Saeed



Surgical Repair of Tetralogy of Fallot in Children and Adult Pts: A retrospective analysis of early results

Tariq Waqar. Yasir Khan, Anjum Jalal



Tuberculosis and Vitamin D Deficiency

Atif Mahmood



Frequency of Type 2 DM in Patients with Cirrhosis Associated with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Sojhla Saleem, Jahan Zaib, Ijaz Hussain Malik



Transvaginal Sonographic Diagnosis of Ovarian Endometrioma

Ayesha Azam Khan,  Naheed Bashir, Raza Akram, Nabeela Shami, Shaila Anwar, Shaheena Asif, Lubna Abid



Role of Ultrasound in Outcome of Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Khalid Mahmood Cheema, Muhammad Touseef Asghar, Shahid Mahmood, Abdul Basit Saeed



Pro-Inflammatory Profile of Extremely Obese Children in a Local Population of Central Punjab, Pakistan

Romana Maqsood Sheikh, Kiran Butt, Hasan Masood Khan, M. Arslan



Changing Pattern of Bacterial Isolates from Blood Samples in Paediatric ICUs

Mukesh Kumar, M.ohammad Asif Durrani, Saleem A. Kharal, Syed M.Iqbal Chishti, M. Irfan Khan, Fakharuddin



Visual Outcome after Phacomorphic Glaucoma

Irfan Qayyum Malik, Muhammad Abdul Rehman, Idrees Ahmad



A Comparison of Propofol Plus Sevoflurane Versus Propofol alone for Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion

Omar Draz, Yahya Saeed, Iram Alia



Sexual assault cases reported at Medicolegal Department of Provincial Hospital Quetta

Muhammad Amin Mengal, Mudaser Hussain Abbasi, Asma Saeed, Rana Muhammad Akhtar, Abdul Rehman, Muhmmad Hammad, Haroon Habib, Malik Shahzad Saeed, Erum Abbasi



Comparison of Postoperative Morbidity in Open and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Hafiz Ghulam Isnain, Muhammad Umair, Arshad Abbas, Allah Nawaz, Mahmood Ayyaz



Outcome of Pre-existing Corneal Astigmatism after Phacoemusification by Scleral Tunnel Incision

Abdul Majeed Malik, Muhammad Farooq Hyder, Ali Rauf



Determinants of Lack of Clinical Competence among Senior Medical Students

Asmah Mahmood, Asad Jehangir, Azhar Bashir



Comparison of High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein in subject with normal and low ankle brachial index

Farah Amir Ali, Rehana Khalil, Naila Perveen



Incidence of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia in Patients Treated with Unfractionated Versus Low Molecular Weight Heparin after Acute Coronary Syndrome

Shafique Ahmed, Shehzad Ahmad, Mohammad Kashif



Comparison of Development of Pre-Eclampsia in Second and Third Trimester in Obese versus Non-Obese Pregnant Women

Nadia Zaman, Nergis Taj, M. Zia-Ur-Rehman, Ehsan Ullah, Naheed Fatima



Efficacy of Intravenous Octreotide in Prevention of Early Variceal Rebleed after Sclerotherapy

Asif Maqbool, Imran Mahfooz Khan, Ch. Adnan Ahmed Ather



Feto Maternal Outcome in Patients with Eclampsia at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Nadeem Shahzad, Uzma Yaqoob, Asif Hanif



Evaluation of Lipid Profile in Patients of Primary Hypothyroidism Visiting Cenum

Azam Ali, Abdus Sattar, Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Farooq



To Determine Mean Reduction in Homocysteine Levels in pts with Type 2 DM on Vitamin B12 Therapy

Sheeba Farhan, Sayyada Humaira Masood, Nahida Baigam



Early Cholecystectomy Vs Delayed Cholecystectomy for Gall Stone Pancreatitis

Arshad Abbas1, Muhammad Umair*, Hafiz Ghulam Isnain, Irfan Javaid, Mahmood Ayyaz



Unmet Need of Family Planning among Married Women

Abdul Rahman, Tahira Arshad, Habib Akhtar, Mansoor Ali, Irshad Soomro



Ovarian Tumors in Adolescent females, an Experience at Nishtar Hospital, Multan

Huma Quddusi, Asiya Nawaz Alvi, Ejaz Masood



Frequency of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis in Patients With Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Nadar Khan, Naseemulhaq, Zahid Islam, Arshad Saeed Awan, Ashfaqurihman, Niamatullah



Frequency of Retinal Reattachment and Improvement in Visual Acuity in Case of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment with Inferior Breaks Undergoing Pars Plana Vitrectomy

Shamsullah Bazai, Saifullah Tareen, Muhammad Afzal Mandokhel, Shaban Khan Kakar



Management of Congenital Idiopathic Club Foot with Ponseti Technique at GMMMC Sukkur

Zulfiqar A. Soomro, Zamir A. Soomro, Saeed A.. Samo



Maternal Risk Factors Associated With Low Birth Weight

Aasma Naeem, Zill-E-Huma, Uzma Afridi



Morphological Changes in Aorta and Coronary Arteries of Albino Rats Fed on Palm Kernel Oil and Nigella Sativa

Zafar Iqbal, Abdul Sattar,, Sajjad Haider, Muhammad Tayyab, Naseer Ahmed Chaudrhy



To Test the Applicability of Modified Ahuja Criteria in Early Diagnosis of TB Meningitis in Children

Shamayal Mandokhel, Shamsullah Bazai, Ishaque Shaikh



Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) and Transferrin Saturation as Indicators of Iron Status in Breastfed and Bottle Fed Infants

Sajjad Haider, Tariq Afzal, Zafar Iqbal



Prevalence of Various Types of Cancers in Industrial Population

Abdul Matin Qaisar, Hussain Farooq, Shamayal Mandokhel



Management of Segmental Tibial Defect with Intercalary Bone Transport by Ilizarov Method

Zulfiqar A. Soomro, Zamir A. Soomro, Saeed A. Samo



Effect of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy on Lipid Profile in Primary Hypothyroidism

Azam Ali, Abdus Sattar, Amir Muhammad, Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Farooq



Misoprostol for Second Trimester Pregnancy Termination in Women with Prior Caesarean Section

Iram Mobusher



Comparison of Maternal & Fetal Outcome in Instrumental Delivery: Vacuum vs Forceps Vaginal Delivery

Nazish Khalid, Sumaira Asif



Comparative Study of Anti Hypertensive Drugs

Zamir A Siddiqui, Syed Muhammad Masood Ali, Erum Ashraf



Efficacy of Colour Doppler Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Malignant Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Saulat Sarfraz, Sarfraz Latif



Ligation of Inferior Thyroid Artery to Avoid Hypocalcaemia after Thyroidectomy

Umair Azam, Niu Jun, Hammad Ali Asghar, Niu Yang, Znair Azam, Shabir Alam, Muhammad Zubair, Haroon Mujahid, Masood Munawar



Analytical Study of Corneal Endotheliitis in 26 patients

Asad Muhammad, Xinyi Wu, Hammad Ali Asghar, Li Ying Chao



Diagnostic Efficacy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Evaluation of Injured Knee

Saulat Sarfraz, Shafique Ahmed



Frequency of Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia and Atrioventricular Reciprocating Tachycardia in patients with Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia

Muhammad Mudassar Qayyum, Jeetendra Mishra, Ambreen Khan, Aftab Yunus, Lok M Sinha



Conventional Sinus Surgery for Nasal Polyp: Intra Nasal Polypectomy Vs Trans Antral Ethmoidectomy

Shahbaz Mujtaba, Bakht Aziz, Mohibullah Mushwani, Azhar Hameed



Complications & Contributing Factors Leading to Induced Miscarriages by Untrained Persons

Nazish Khalid, Rehana Kanwal



Fetomaternal Morbidity Associated with Multiple Repeat Caesarean Deliveries

Rabia Adnan, Fatima Waheed, Tayyaba Majeed



Effect of Different Concentrations of Bupivacaine on Level of Subarachnoid Block

Tahir Hameed Dar, Riaz Hussain, Tahir Nazeer, Muhammad Younis, Muhammad Aslam Asim, Maqsood Ali



Screening of Jail inmates for HIV and Tuberculosis

Shaukat A Shah, Momina Ali, Mushtaq Ahmad, Umar Hamadan



Clinical Profile of Patients Hospitalized for Infective Endocarditis

Shafique Ahmed, Shehzad Ahmad, Anwar Ul Hasan



Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in General Population of Balochistan, Pakistan

M. Alam Mengal, Ferhat Abbas, M. Amin Mengal, Mohammad Hanif, M. Ali, Ghulam S. Pirkarni, Zafar Ahmad



Role of Chemotherapy in Tuberculosis of Spine

Zakir Ali Shah, Uzma Arif, Muhammad Naseer Babar Khan, Asim Bilal



C Reactive Protein levels are Elevated in the Third Trimester in Preeclamptic pregnant Women

Zaima Ali, Saima Zaki,  Ambreen Tauseef, Ayesha Akmal



Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Syed Ghazanfar Mehdi



Endometrial Thickness Measurement by TVS Predicts Pregnancy Rates

Ayesha Azam Khan, Naheed Bashir, Raza Akram, Nabeela Shami, Shaila Anwar, Shaheena Asif, Lubna Abide



Post Operative Functional Outcome of Modified Tension Band Wiring in Patients with Transverse Fracture of Patella

Attique Ur Rehman Qureshi



Frequency of Depression and Anxiety among cancer patients and their determinants a study at Oncology Units of Public and Private Sector, Tertiary Care, Hospitals of District Lahore

Muhammad Umair



Therapy Induced Anemia in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Receiving Combination Therapy of Pegylated Interferon Alpha and Ribavirin

Syed Ghazanfar Mehdi, Karim Shah Faizi, Rao Saad Ali Khan



Unfavorable Effects of Pre-eclampsia on the Morphology of the Placenta

Muhmmad Zia-Ur-Rehman, H. Muhammad Fareed Ullah, Nergis Taj,,Zaffar Iqbal Malik, Ehsan Ullah



Comparison of Early Versus Delayed Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Choosing the Best

Karim Shah Faizi, Ishfaq Ahmed, Hamad Ahmad



Use of Statins in Unstable Angina and their Effect on Recurrent Hospital Admissions

Shafique Ahmed, Shehzad Ahmad, Anwar Ul Hasan



Role of Intravitreal Avastin (Bevacizumab) in Anterior Segment Iris Neo- Vascularization (INV) and Neovascular Glaucoma (NVG) in our population

Tariq Pervaiz Khan,, Fakhar Humayun



Viral Load & Genotype are the Major Determinants of SVR in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Muhammad Murtaza Bukhari, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Muhammad Irfan, Amjad Mahmood, Tariq Masood



Diagnostic Accuracy of 1.5 Tesla MRI in the Diagnosis of Meniscal Tears of Knee Joint

Uzma Arif, Zakir Ali Shah, Muhammad Aamir Khan, Mubashir Ijaz, Hamid Qayum



Comparison of Two Techniques of Interlocking Intramedullary Nailing in Fractures of Tibia

Syed Baqir Hussain Jafree, Adeel Hamid, Rashid Saeed, Nusrat Ali



Efficacy of Lignocaine / Propofol Vs Ketamine/Propofol Mixtures in reducing pain on Injection of Propofol 1% at the time of induction

Nasrullah Khan, Tariq Masood Tipu, Saadia Tariq, Muhammad Rashid Khan



Comparison of Oral Misoprostol for Induction of Labour in Primigravidas and Multigravidas

Sadiqa Batool



Reliability of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Patients with Palpable Breast Lumps

Muhammad Rizwan Anwar, Nur Saeed, Muhammad Khawar Shahzad



The Outcome of VSD Repair in Older Children and Adults

Tariq Waqar, Yasir Khan, Anjum Jalal



Effect of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus on Bone Status of Children

Amna Tahir, Muhammad Shoaib, Bilquis Akhtar, Ambreen Khalid, Adeela Shahid, Hamid Javaid Qureshi



Prevalence of Persistent Low Back Pain in Patients Undergoing Spinal Anesthesia in Orthopedic Surgery

Hafiz Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Shahid Ismail



Knowledge, Attitude & Perception of Dengue among First Year Medical Students

Humayun Mirza, Hasan Raza, Rubina Bashir



Cord Around Neck and its Fetal Implication

Farukh Bashir, Zill-e-Huma, Pakeeza Aslam, Rizwana Naz

Case Reports


A Case of Bilateral Arytenoid Keratosis Our Experience

J Doudu, E H Qureshi, Y Saleem



Extramedullary Plasmacytoma Presenting with Acute Abdomen

Ali Abid Naazar, Mary Theophilus



A Case of Small Bone Giant Cell Tumor; with an Overview of Giant Cell Tumor our Regional Idiosyncrasy?

Ambereen A Imran