Pakistan Journal of Medical & He

Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Vol. 2, Issue 4, Oct Dec 2008




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World TB Day

Saulat Ullah Khan

Original Articles


Effect Of Garlic Extracts on Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Induced Fibroid In Wistar Rats

G.O.Obochi, S.P.Malu, M.Obi-Abang, Y. Alozie, M. A.Iyam.



Comparison amount of air microbial pollution in the hospitals of two different towns in Gilan province, Iran

Rahim Mosahab, Abolfath Shojaie Arani



Rapid Diagnosis of Malaria by Fluorescent Microscopy with Light Microscope and Interference Filter

Iftikhar Hussain, Muhammed Tayyib, Muhammed Farooq, Naseer Ahmed Ch., Tahira Tasneem.



Bacterial Flora of Sturgeon Fingerling

Abolfath Shojaie Arani, Rahim Mosahab



Portal Triad Changes in Liver Associated with Rapeseed Oil Diet Supplemented with Atherogenic Element: an Experimental Study

Saeed Ahmed, Saeed Akhtar, Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Tayyib,



Double Valve Replacement (Mitral & Aortic) with Bileaflet Mechanical Prostheses in 94 patients: Long-Term results

Shahid Khalil, Rafaqat Ahmad Badar



Public Awareness about Hypertension; Findings of a Kidney Day

Rana Muhammad Akhtar Khan, Tariq Saeed Ch, Shamshad Rasool Awan, Maaz Ahmad



A Comparison between U/S and CT Guided Needle Biopsies of Intra Thoracic Masses

Aamir Rahim, Fiaz Ahmed, Mona Rehman, Ghulam Rasul



Radiological Differences between Category 1 & 2 of  Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Aamir Rahim, Mona Rahman, Fiaz Ahmed



Factors Influencing the Outcome of Surgical Management of Lower Limb Ischemia

Atta-Ullah Jamal, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Zahid, Mahmood Ayyaz



Surgical Management of Malignant Gastric Tumours

Yar Muhammad, Maria Mahmood, Bahzad Akram Khan, Farhat Abbas,
Abrar Ashraf Ali, Abdul Majeed Chaudhry



Comparison of two Suturing Techniques: Interrupted Mass Closure and Continuous Mass Closure with Polypropylene in Laparotomy Wound

Muhammad Tariq, Attaullah Jamal, Masroor Ali Khan, Mahmood Ayyaz



Comparison of two Surgical Techniques; Simple Ligation and Ligation with Invagination of Appendicular Stump in Appendicectomy for Acute Appendicitis

Attaullah Jamal, Muhammad Tariq, Masroor Ali Khan, Mahmood Ayyaz

Special Article


The Reliability of Household Expenditure Data Health Expenditure Shares in Different Survey Results

Christian Lorenz