Pakistan Journal of Medical & He

Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Vol. 2  Issue 1  Jan - Mar  2008



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Original Articles


Efficacy of Intravenous Octreotide in Early Variceal Rebleeding Following Sclerotherapy


Jawad Zaheer, Sajid Abaidullah, Waseem Ahsen, Zafar Niaz, Zeeshan Tariq, Anjum Razzaq, Mumtaz Hasan






Histological Changes Observed in the Mammalian Male Rproductive Ogan Post-treated with Pesticide (Furadan): a light microscopic study


Nasir Aziz, Rabail Nasir






Hepatic Dysfunction in Typhoid Fever


Ali Hassan Abro, Ahmed MS Abdou, Abdulla M Ustadi, Zulfa Omar Deesi, Hina Seyada Hussaini,






Treatment of Sinuses in Cases of Tuberculous  Cervical Lymphadenitis


Taimoor Latif Malik






A Study of Factors Responsible for Delayed Presentation of Acute Appendicitis and their Implications on the Outcome


Mustafa Issa Tayeh Mustafa,  Mazhar Abbas






Effects of Cr-VI ON Skeletal Muscles of Albino Mice


Hafsah Nabeel




Effect of Size of the Lesion on the Rate of Pneumothorax after CT Guided Transthoracic Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Lung Masses


Asim Shaukat, Yasser Amin, Tahir Qadeer Khan, Afshan Qureshi, Khawaja Khurshid, Muhammad Nawaz Anjum






Eight Years Experience in the Surgical Management of Vesico Vaginal Fistula


Naila Yaseem,  Mahmood Aleem




Special Article


Usefulness of Entry Test - What MBBS Part-I results show?


Tehseen Iqal, S.M. Abbas Naqvi, Muhammad Usman, Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Imran Yawar

 Case Report


 A Rare Case of a Bullet in Aorta


Attaullah Jamal , Muhammad Zahid, Hafiz Muhammad Asif, Aamir Zaheer